Bing Predicts Gets Back on Track in NFL Week 15, Week 16 Preview

Bing Predicts is looking to close out the 2015 NFL season on a high note. After struggling a bit in Week 14, Bing had a great Week 15, getting 11 of 16 games correct. This puts the search engine at 142-82 (63.4%) on the season. 

bing predicts week 15 results

Bing Predicts Week 15 Recap

As we've come to expect from Bing, the search engine performed very well in games with high predicted chances. Bing was 10-1 in games with a predicted chance over 60% this week. Here's a full breakdown of Bing's Week 15 performance: 

  • 5-3 when favoring the home team (94-58 on the season)
  • 6-2 when favoring the away team (48-24 on the season)
  • 1-4 when predicted chance under 60% (43-40 on the season)
  • 7-1 when predicted chance between 60 and 69.9% (57-27 on the season)
  • 1-0 when predicted chance between 70 and 79.9% (34-11 on the season)
  • 2-0 when predicted chance over 80% (8-4 on the season)

In last week's preview, we highlighted a handful of Bing's key predictions for Week 15. Here's how the search engine did in those games:

  • CORRECT - The Panthers won on the road against the Giants to move to 14-0
  • CORRECT - The Chiefs grabbed their 8th straight win by beating the Ravens in Baltimore
  • CORRECT - The Broncos dropped their second straight and are now just one game ahead of the Chiefs
  • INCORRECT - Bing predicted all 4 NFC East teams would lose this week, but the Redskins managed to beat the Bills to move 1 game ahead in the division race
  • INCORRECT - The Colts lost to the Texans, giving Houston a 1 game lead in the AFC South
  • INCORRECT - The Falcons finally snapped their losing streak,  giving themselves a tiny glimmer of hope at making the playoffs

Even with several key misses, Bing still had a strong week. However, it's not likely that Bing's final record this season will top last year's debut prediction effort. At this point last year, Bing was 148-76, 6 games ahead of where it is right now. The prediction engine will have to be almost flawless in the final two weeks to catch up. 

Bing Predicts Week 16 Preview

It might be almost impossible for Bing to match last season's performance, but the prediction engine certainly isn't going to quit now. Here's what the search engine says will happen in Week 16:

bing predicts nfl week 16 preview

There aren't any major surprises this week. If things go according to Bing's predictions, the playoff picture will be just about set in stone. Bing's key predictions this week include:

  • The Chiefs will extend their winning streak to 9 and clinch a playoff spot
  • A Steelers win and a Jets loss will put the Steelers in the playoffs and the Jets out regardless of what happens in Week 17
  • The Texans will clinch the AFC South with a win over the lowly Titans
  • The Panthers will move to 15-0 and clinch the #1 seed in the NFC
  • The Redskins will lose to the Eagles, leaving both teams at 7-8 for a Week 17 do-or-die
  • The Vikings will clinch a playoff spot with a big win over the Giants, which will eliminate the Giants and the Falcons from the playoffs

Bing is leaning more towards the home team this week, picking the visitors in just 5 of 16 games. Just like last week, Bing has 11 games with predicted chances over 60%: 

  • 5 games with predicted chance under 60%
  • 6 games with predicted chance between 60 and 69.9%
  • 3 games with predicted chance between 70 and 79.9%
  • 2 games with predicted chance over 80%

So how will Bing do in Week 16? We were dead on last week with our 11-5 prediction. This week, I think Bing will be even better. Look for the search engine to go 12-4 as the playoff picture finally gets some clarity. Be sure to come back next week for a full recap and preview of the final week of the season. 


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