Bing Predicts Survives NFL Week 16, Week 17 Preview

Week 16 was full of surprises, but Bing Predicts somehow managed to survive with a strong showing. After going 10-6 in Week 16, Bing is now 152-88 (63.3%) on the season. Although this is an impressive prediction record for what has been a rather unpredictable NFL season, Bing won't be able to match its record from last season. Even a perfect Week 17 would leave Bing behind last year's 169-87 record. 

Bing Predicts Week 16 Recap

bing predicts nfl week 16 results

It's unlikely that anyone did much better than Bing in Week 16. With major upsets like the Rams over the Seahawks in Seattle, the Falcons over the previously undefeated Panthers, the Jets over the Patriots, and the Ravens over the Steelers, it was indeed a wild weekend. But that doesn't mean Bing shouldn't have seen any of this coming. After all, the Rams had already beaten Seattle once this year, and this time they had Todd Gurley in the backfield. And the Ravens almost always seem to find a way to beat the Steelers in Baltimore. But Bing went with safe picks in all these games, which is pretty typical of the search engine. 

Here's how Bing did in the games we highlighted in last week's preview:

  • CORRECT: The Chiefs extended their winning streak to 9 and clinched a playoff spot
  • INCORRECT: The Steelers did not win and the Jets did, giving the Jets the advantage for the final AFC playoff spot
  • CORRECT (sort of): The Texans almost clinched the AFC South with a win over the lowly Titans, but the Colts also won and still have a 3,300 to 1 chance to make the playoffs
  • INCORRECT: The Panthers did not beat the Falcons, leaving the #1 seed in the NFC down to Week 17
  • INCORRECT: The Eagles did not upset the Redskins, so the 'Skins took the NFC East title
  • CORRECT: The Vikings clinched a playoff spot with a big win over the Giants, eliminating the Giants and the Falcons from the playoffs

We expected Bing to do better than it did this week based on predicted chances. The search engine looked confident, but it ended up doing only slightly better than its weekly average. Here's a look at Bing's performance by predicted chances:

  • 8-3 when favoring the home team (102-61 on the season)
  • 2-3 when favoring the away team (50-27 on the season)
  • 3-2 when predicted chance under 60% (46-42 on the season)
  • 4-2 when predicted chance between 60 and 69.9% (61-29 on the season)
  • 2-1 when predicted chance between 70 and 79.9% (36-12 on the season)
  • 1-1 when predicted chance over 80% (9-5 on the season)

Bing didn't do as well as usual in those games with high predicted chances. The search engine was just 3-2 in games with over 70% chance. 

Bing Predicts Updated Playoff Predictions

Bing Predicts has given us an updated look at the playoffs, and this picture probably won't change too much this week:

playoff predictions bing week 17

While there are a few questions remaining regarding which team will get which seed, it seems pretty safe to say the 12 playoff teams are set. The biggest questions left are:

  • Who will grab the final spot in the AFC, the Steelers or the Jets? Bing is leaning toward the Jets, who are currently one game ahead of the Steelers.
  • Who will win the NFC North, the Vikings or the Packers? This one is easy to figure out. Whichever team wins in Week 17 gets the division, and the other team gets the wild card. Bing thinks the Packers have the advantage. Even though the game is in Green bay, we think the Vikings can pull this one off. 

Bing Predicts Week 17 Preview

Bing's ready to roll in the final week of the 2015 NFL season. Here's what the search engine says will happen this week:

bing predicts week 17 preview

Bing has the home team winning 10 of 16 games this week. The search engine also predicts three playoff-bound teams will lose this week: Redskins, Seahawks, and Vikings. Barring any ties, at least two playoff teams will lose this week given that two games feature playoff teams going head to head (Cardinals-Seahawks and Packers-Vikings).

The most important prediction this week is the Jets beating the Bills in Buffalo. If the Jets do indeed win, they'll be in and the Steelers will be out. Bing also expects the Steelers to win, but that will still leave them a game behind the Jets. 

Bing is also predicting a Texans win, which will lock up the AFC South. Even if the Texans lose and the Colts win, there are still 8 other games that have to go in the Colts' favor for them to make the playoffs. Bing says that won't happen. 

Here's a full look at Bing's picks by predicted chance:

  • 6 games with predicted chance under 60%
  • 5 games with predicted chance between 60 and 69.9%
  • 5 games with predicted chance between 70 and 79.9%
  • 0 games with predicted chance over 80%

Week 17 can be a tough week to predict given that a lot of teams may lack the motivation to grab a win. Whether they are resting for the playoffs or vying for a better draft pick, not every team will necessarily play their hearts out this week. Does Bing take this into account? Probably not, but a lot of these matchups are so lopsided that it likely won't matter. Expect Bing to have a monster week and go 13-3. Be sure to come back next week to get the full recap of Week 17 and the playoff preview. 


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