Local Optimization

Local Optimization

Ever notice that when you do the same search on your phone vs. your PC, you see different results? Welcome to the ever-expanding universe of “local optimization.” Because Google and other search engines can increasingly recognize your physical location—and because more and more local searches are done on geotracked mobile devices—your search results are closely targeted to your location.

Perrill’s Digital Marketing team is unmatched in its ability to understand the different needs of local searchers and drive them to your business. This means optimizing your website and online presence to develop an effective SERP (Search Engine Results Page) that features key information up front–like maps, ratings, phone numbers and hours of operation.

Stats From Google

If your business depends on drawing local audiences to a physical location, then local optimization is the online battleground that can determine your success or failure. Need convincing? Consider these stats from Google:

  • 80% of consumers conduct local searches on search engines.
  • 88% of those people use their mobile devices for those searches.
  • 50% of all local store searches done on mobile devices lead to store visits within the day.
  • 18% of those local searches lead directly to sales.

Some web agencies still focus exclusively on “keyword ranking.” We put the entire local optimization toolbox to work for you.

50% of mobile users visit a store within 24 hours of their local search (Google)


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