Using the Force to Turn Your Website into a Conversion Jedi

If your website isn't converting the way you want it to, then you need to start using the Force.

luke and yoda using the force

Having a great-looking website is fantastic, but winning on the internet requires so much more. By using the Force, you can turn your website into a conversion Jedi.

Target Customers You Must

You can't sell anything to your customers if you don't have any. Before you can make a sale or get a lead, you have to bring them to your site.

anikan psychokinesis

But you don't want just any old traffic. Don't make the mistake of thinking lots of traffic will bring lots of sales. If you really wanted to (and had a big enough budget) you could use the Force to double, triple, or even quadruple your website visits. But would that bring more leads and sales? Not necessarily. Instead of spending all your efforts trying to bring in as many people as possible, you need to channel the Force for incredible targeting accuracy. 

luke targeting torpedoes

Accurate targeting requires coming at your potential customers from a variety of angles: digital advertising, map results, organic search results, social media, content marketing, etc. But these can't be shot-in-the-dark efforts. Start by pursuing the customers most likely to convert. Don't chase meaningless goals such as more Facebook likes, more page views, or top search rankings for some general query. Don't be blinded by pride and think you have to rank number one for one big keyword. You need to set goals that actually drive sales and leads. 

Use Jedi Mind Control On Your Visitors

Getting people to your site is a good start, but it means nothing if they aren't converting. When your customers are abandoning carts, not filling out contact forms, or bouncing from your site, it's time to take control. Jedi Mind Control, that is.


You need to be able to tell your customers exactly what to do. Give them bold calls to action that drive them to the contact forms—and actually compel your users to fill them out. Create a consistent experience across all devices. Provide seamless navigation. Make the checkout process foolproof.   

But, be aware, no matter what you do, some customers will still abandon their carts. Some people will still visit your request an appointment page without requesting an appointment. This is where you really need to step up your Jedi Mind Control.

Abandoned cart emails are a must. Make sure they are personalized with the customer name and images of the actual products. Offer a coupon to really sweeten the deal. The email should make your customer say, "Yes, that's exactly what I wanted to buy today!"

Don't forget about remarketing efforts. Use display advertising and remarketing lists to get back in front of those customers who showed intent but didn't quite go through with it.

Another must is A/B testing. You can't control your customer's minds unless you have data to prove what works. Test different calls to action, different button colors, different messaging, different form fields, different layouts, or even different prices. Test something. The secret to mind control isn't guessing what works. You need to prove what works and then do it again and again.  

Disturbances in the Force There Are

Unfortunately, the Force isn't all good. You have to be aware of disturbances that can hurt your conversion rate or lead your customers astray.

disturbance in the force

When there's a problem with your checkout process, you have to correct it immediately. When your website is loading slowly, you have to speed it up. When your organic rankings drop, you have to re-strategize. When your digital advertising campaign runs out of budget, you need to step up your other marketing efforts. Even the slightest delay can lead to total destruction.

death star exploding

Of course, this means you have to be analyzing your website all the time. You need to pay attention to the Analytics on a regular basis so you can identify and correct any issues. Running a successful website isn't about implementing and forgetting. It's about constantly evolving. Implement, analyze, adjust, implement, analyze, adjust, implement, analyze, adjust...

Your Battles You Must Wisely Choose

You can't win every battle. Not every visitor is going to become a customer. Even Amazon doesn't win every time (which is why so many other ecommerce sites still exist). While you might not be able to take down retail giants or even a local competitor, that doesn't mean you can't earn more customers. 

conversion jedi

When trying to increase conversions, start with the customers closest to the end of the funnel. Don't begin by trying to turn bounces into sales or leads. Instead, work on the 60+% of your visitors who are abandoning their shopping carts or visiting your request a quote form without actually requesting anything. If you can't convert people who are actually showing interest in your products and services, how are you going to convert the people who leave your site as soon as they see it? That doesn't mean you shouldn't work to improve that bounce rate. But it shouldn't be your first battle when there is a more pressing enemy in the Force. 

The Chosen One You Must Be

To get a customer to commit to a purchase or even complete a contact form, you have to be the one. You have dozens of competitors. Some might have snazzier websites. Some might have cheaper prices. Some might have other bells and whistles you don't have. But as long as you have the Force, you can still get the sale. 

chosen one

By becoming a conversion Jedi, you can outperform the competition and achieve greatness. But don't ever give into the dark side, or you'll find yourself losing the battle in the end. 

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