Freight Buddy Crate and Ship

Freight Buddy is a Minnesota owned and operated company that’s committed to providing a wide variety of customers with quality carriers at incredible rates. When they needed a new website and point of sale system to promote their innovative Crate & Ship service, they chose Perrill to design and develop the entire project.

Perrill’s design team created a responsive website that makes Crate & Ship an attractive service for businesses and everyday customers alike. Designed to make the process simple while also capturing the incredible value of this unique service, the website is clean with easy navigation and bold calls to action. No matter what device a customer is using, they can quickly find a Crate & Ship location, get a quote, or learn more about the process. 

Perrill also designed and developed a point of sale web application that seamlessly works with the new Freight Buddy website. This powerful and unique POS system allows customers to get an estimate and ship items via parcel or LTL from any Freight Buddy Crate & Ship location. When designing and building this system, Perrill focused on making it easy for customers while also giving Freight Buddy a robust and easy-to-manage administrative area. With this new website and POS system, Freight Buddy will quickly become one of the preferred shipping solutions in the Twin Cities. 

Freight Buddy Crate and Ship

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