Tonka Water

Tonka Water has been helping municipalities throughout North America with their potable water needs since 1956. As a leader in the customized water treatment industry, Tonka needed a new website to make them look like the innovators they are. To get the job done, they turned to the web design experts at Perrill.

Perrill’s team designed and developed a responsive website that makes Tonka Water’s innovation stand out on the web. The strategic navigation makes it easy for potential customers to find the right solutions and products they need. The projects section is equipped with simple-yet-powerful filters that help customers see exactly how Tonka Water has brought successful water treatment to locations across the country. Integrated with a representative portal, the website serves all of Tonka’s visitors from employees to customers.

Tonka Water has completed thousands of successful water treatment installations during the past 60 years. With their new website, they are positioned to continue to innovate for many years to come.

Tonka Water
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