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This high-level template will provide an analysis of what metrics you need to hit in order to achieve your goals. Press enter/arrow keys to continue.
What type of website do you have?
Understanding what type of website you have gives us a better picture of what your top goals are (more leads, more orders, etc.).
Lead Generation
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What is your website URL?
We don't like to wait around. We want to start scanning your website immediately so we can get results to you faster.
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What is your current annual revenue?
We build strategies with two requirements: they need to move the needle AND they need to realistic. Understanding your revenue helps us with that.
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What are your annual growth goals?
How much would you like to grow your revenue? (Example: 25%)
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What is your average customer value?
How much annual revenue do you get from each customer? If you don't know exactly, take your largest customer revenue plus your smallest customer revenue divided by 2. (($100,000 + $25,000) / 2 = $62,500)
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What is your average order value?
How much revenue do you get from each order? Take your total revenue divided by your total number of orders. ($1,000,000 / 2675 = $373.83)
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What is your website conversion rate?
What percentage of your website visitors take a desired action on your website? The desired action might be requesting a quote, completing a purchase, etc. If you're not sure, 2.35% is average.
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What is your average close rate?
What percentage of your qualified leads turn into customers? If you don't know, 19% is average.
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What are your biggest marketing challenges?
Regardless if you handle things internally or externally, what are the things that keep you up at night? Select as many apply.
Paid Search
Paid Social
Email Marketing
Content Marketing
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Here's your initial marketing funnel:
Based on your business model and amount of recurring business, you may need more new customers than these numbers reflect.
total website visitors
new leads
new customers
total revenue
total website visitors
total orders
total revenue
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