Strategic email marketing

Our certified team of digital experts wields top-to-bottom knowledge of email marketing to help your brand reach, captivate, and convert first-time and lifelong customers alike. We focus on:

  • Creative customization that includes template design, copywriting, personalization, and more
  • Automated workflows and segmentation to guide the right users through each step of the conversion funnel
  • Analytics and reporting to provide insights into performance and ongoing optimization 


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Stand out in every customer’s inbox

Email has become one of the most immediate ways for brands to reach audiences, sending curated content directly to mobile devices on a 24/7 basis. But as a result of this popularity, the web has become oversaturated with ineffective and impersonal emails.

Perrill helps you stand out in inboxes and deliver content your audience wants and needs. Our expertise spans across all of today’s most highly powered email platforms, including HubSpot, MailChimp, Klaviyo, Constant Contact, Drip, and more. In addition to our mastery of these tools, our team also specializes in designing and creating one-of-a-kind templates and filling them with original, goal-driven copy to ensure your emails deliver the results you need. Whether pursuing increased sales numbers, more intimate engagement, or anything in between,  we know how to get there. Our team aligns your email strategy with the rest of your marketing scope, syncing SEO, advertising, social media, blogging, and more to achieve maximum and unified success.

How we drive exponential revenue with email marketing

Through our customized, strategy-driven approach to email marketing, we help businesses achieve meaningful growth. Here’s how we do it:

Determine strategy based on your business goals

Before determining which email platform will best suit your needs, we first get to know your business to make sure email marketing itself will deliver the right ROI. We then choose a platform with all the tools needed to build, execute, and optimize campaigns designed to convert users.

Set up platforms and begin crafting campaigns

Once a platform is chosen, we configure it with your contacts, creative and branding materials, and more to help build robust, segmented campaigns. Our team of designers, developers, copywriters, and marketing automation specialists then crafts customized campaigns in line with your objectives to effectively target users.

Launch and ongoing optimization

When campaigns are set up and approved, we’re off and running. From the moment the first email leaves the outbox, we’re analyzing reports and metrics to continue improving your brand’s performance. It’s never enough to have one successful campaign — our team is always chasing the next.

Who needs email marketing?

Whether you’re a local brand or a global enterprise, your digital strategy needs to align with your goals, industry, and audience. As a marketing channel, email has the ability to make a difference for most businesses, but it’s undoubtedly better suited for some than others. Email marketing is ideal for:

  • Driving increased sales revenue either online or in-store
  • Fostering improved user engagement from existing customers
  • Expanding your customer base by delivering value to first-time users
  • Delivering useful content directly to users on an ongoing basis

While email marketing can have an impact in any industry, our best successes have come in the following industries:

  • Outdoors
  • Food & Beverage
  • Athletic Wear
  • Home Improvement
  • Sporting Goods
  • Hospitality
  • Recreation 
  • Technology
  • Life Sciences
  • Health & Beauty 

Proven email marketing results

We’ve helped hundreds of businesses grow their revenue through custom email marketing strategies. Here are just a few of our big wins:

Increase in revenue


A national outdoor brand


Saw a 200% increase in website revenue after implementing a robust email marketing strategy

Increase in sales


International manufacturer with distributor model


Saw a 2.5x increase in qualified leads with email marketing

Decrease in cart abandonment


National retailer


Saw a 30% decrease in cart abandonment which led to thousands of dollars per month

Increase in mailing list


National ecommerce website


Saw their email list grow by 15x with a strategic user acquisition strategy

Increase in email revenue


National CPG company


Saw a 5000% increase in email revenue after we jump-started their stale campaigns

Businesses that have driven increased revenue through email with Perrill:
Custom email marketing for lasting, high-impact results

Our email marketing services include:

Account setup
Template design and development
Reporting and analytics
eCommerce integration
Abandoned cart emails
Promotional emails
Lead-generation emails
Automated workflows
Constant Contact

We also have full-service digital marketing, creative, and development capabilities, all performed by our in-house experts. Our comprehensive approach and complete range of capabilities ensures you achieve maximum return on investment.

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Email Marketing FAQs
Which email platform should I use?

There are several popular email platforms available today, each with its own unique strengths and features. Depending on your needs in terms of email cadence, automation, design, and overall objective (e.g. sales versus engagement), a clear best option will present itself. The experts at Perrill will work with you during the strategy phase to determine which platform will best suit your needs.

How do I get more email subscribers?

There are a number of ways to grow your subscriber base, but it ultimately comes down to putting the right content in front of the right people at the right times, whether that’s products, educational content, an automated follow-up, etc. Perrill ensures your email strategy aligns with your greater marketing scope to maximize the reach and effectiveness of everything that leaves your outbox.

How often should I send emails?

This will also be answered during the strategy and campaign creation phase, as every business’s preferred cadence is different. Some of the world’s most successful B2C brands send multiple emails per day, while others have just as much success with a weekly or biweekly newsletter. What’s best for you will depend on your goals, audience, and industry — all of which Perrill can help pinpoint and attack.

Do I need to automate my emails?

You don’t need to, but marketing automation serves as an efficient way to personally engage with users on an ongoing basis with reduced legwork on your part. Automated workflows can be set up to guide customers down a traditional sales funnel, to welcome them to your subscriber list, to encourage them to pull the trigger on a purchase, and more. While automated emails aren’t a complete necessity, they provide a competitive advantage for brands who use them and use them well. That being said, you can’t automate all your email efforts. You’ll still need to create manual emails for individual campaigns.

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