Perrill Partners with A360 to Make Websites More Accessible with WCAG Compliance

Minneapolis, MN (November 2017) – Perrill, a full-service web design, development and marketing agency based in Minneapolis, announced its partnership with Accessible360 (A360) in an effort to improve website accessibility and help businesses become WCAG compliant.

Over 57 million Americans have a disability that can affect their ability to use a website. For businesses, this means over $544 billion in annual disposable income. More importantly, it means 1 in 5 people have difficulty finding the products and services they need online.

WCAG compliance for websites has become one of the hottest topics in recent years. When it was originally passed in 1990, the American Disabilities Act didn’t apply to websites. Website accessibility has only recently become a major legal issue, but the ADA doesn’t clearly outline what a website needs. Thanks to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), there is now a strong foundation for making websites accessible to all disabled individuals. That’s where Perrill and A360 come in. 

“Accessibility is something a lot of our clients are starting to ask about,” says company founder and president, Jay Perrill. “Unfortunately, there are very few companies in the Twin Cities capable of providing accessibility services. We chose to partner with A360 to help our clients protect their businesses and to make the internet a better place for everyone.”

Over the past few years, there has been a rapid increase in lawsuits brought against companies whose sites aren’t accessible to individuals with vision, physical, cognitive and auditory disabilities. With many of these lawsuits targeting financial, health, hospitality and ecommerce industries, Perrill quickly recognized the impact of accessibility on its clients.

Perrill’s decision to provide website accessibility services was an easy one, but it’s not something the company rushed into. Before partnering with A360, Perrill spent months evaluating the accessibility market and determining the best strategy to help current and future clients. The partnership with A360 was the clear best fit.

“We were thoroughly impressed by A360’s mission and approach,” says Perrill. “We knew we had to partner with a company that employs disabled people and uses live testing methods. A360 is the complete package. They really know the law, and they’re helping our developers become experts in accessibility. We’re excited to begin this partnership and extend A360’s mission of making the internet a better place for all users.”

Once a website is designed or a client requests accessibility services, A360 performs live user testing to check for accessibility issues. Perrill’s development team then applies any necessary fixes. The A360 auditors sign off and provide a verification badge for the website. A360 and Perrill continue to evaluate and update the site as needed in order to keep it in compliance. 

As the first pure digital agency in the Twin Cities, Perrill has always been at the forefront of the latest trends and developments in the web design industry. Founded in 1994, Perrill’s wide range of clients includes Park Dental, Polaris, TruStone Financial, MyPillow and Redstone Grill.

“We’re happy to be one of the early adopters of website accessibility services. That’s how we’ve always operated,” says Perrill. “We quickly recognize the needs of our clients, and we bring in the technology and skills to help them accomplish their goals. In this case, it’s a huge bonus that we’re helping millions of people have better access to the web.”

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