Perrill's Summer Bucket List

At long last, the snow has melted and temperatures are rising in Minnesota. With springtime comes a long list of things we hope to accomplish this summer before fall arrives and we’re relegated back to darkness once again. The warm months are rather limited in our beloved state, but when they are here, they’re glorious. The Perrill team has already started planning for everything we want to achieve during this year’s dog days, both in and out of the office. We’re hoping to take advantage of the outdoors while also reaching new heights in our work and helping our clients do the same. Here are some summer goals laid out by several members of the Perrill team.

Max Baker – Digital Marketing Specialist

Max joined Perrill last fall and has recently started taking on more and more responsibility in helping his clients achieve greater success through digital marketing. He’s an avid sports fan and former putt-putt champion and has a lot he’s looking to make happen during his inaugural summer with Perrill.

In-Office Goals

Max has made it clear he wants to get our currently defunct popcorn machine up and running so the whole team can enjoy freshly popped corn every day in the office. ‘Tis truly a noble and selfless pursuit. Thanks, Max.

Out-of-Office Goals

Outside the office, Max would like to break 80 on the golf course. As mentioned, he captured the PPPT (Putt-Putt Pro Tour) championship at the age of 14, so his long-game would likely be the only thing holding him back.

Mike Delsing – Interactive Designer

Mike joined Perrill last summer and has had a major hand in countless design projects thus far, helping take our clients’ brands to the next level. He has a hidden passion for DIY projects and is ready to take on the summer.

In-Office Goals

Mike wants to design for and learn about new industries he’s never heard of, which has already been a favorite part of the job for him.

Out-of-Office Goals

This summer Mike is hoping to buy his first home, which may lead to him putting his DIY money where his mouth is.

Marshall Foster – Design Director

Marshall’s been with Perrill for close to five years and has a stranglehold on the design game. He’s a spirited traveler and has much on his plate for the coming months.

In-Office Goals

Marshall’s primary goal in the office this summer is to clean out and organize his work email, which is something we can all appreciate.

Out-of-Office Goals

At home, Marshall is hoping to finish an ongoing basement bathroom project and teach his dog to walk off-leash. He’s also aiming to explore Iceland and swim in at least one natural hot spring. And if he has time, he’d also like to clean out and organize his personal email.

Kate Gustafson – Office Coordinator

Kate has been with the Perrill team since March and stepped in pretty immediately to take on nearly all of the office’s day-to-day operations, including reception, event planning, the annual March Madness pool, and much more.

In-Office Goals

This summer, Kate wants to learn as much as she can about the financial and business sides of Perrill, while also getting to know more about everyone’s role and how it impacts the value we provide to clients.

Out-of-Office Goals

Kate’s out-of-office goals already have the makings of a memorable summer. She wants to visit Dream Acres Pizza Farm near Spring Valley, Vali Hi Drive-In in Lake Elmo, and Franconia Sculpture Park near Taylors Falls. She’s also hoping to attend Eaux Claires music festival, go tubing on the Apple River, and take part in the Don’t You Feel It Too? dance community.

Ben Mahowald – Frontend Developer

Ben has been with Perrill for a little more than a year and has been a major asset to the development team. He’s a big soccer fan and even watched Italy win the 2006 World Cup in Rome.

In-Office Goals

Ben is ready to get after it in the office this summer as he looks to finish learning the ins and out of WooCommerce plugin development.

Out-of-Office Goals

Out of the office, Ben’s hoping to go hammock camping in the Boundary Waters and enjoy some of Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes.

Kevin Miles – Software Engineer

Kevin also joined the team last summer and puts his passion for computers to work every day. He’s been working with computers for fun since he was 8 and finds it a dream to do so in his career.

In-Office Goals

This summer, Kevin would like to get his Magento 2 Developer certification and write at least one extension for a client project in an agnostic format, so it can be used on another project with similar functionality needs.

Out-of-Office Goals

Away from the office, Kevin is hoping to play at least four rounds of golf, run at least 90 miles outside over the course of the summer, take his kids to a Twins game, and take his 3-year-old son fishing, which is goal he’d mentioned to Kevin at the start of the year. We nominate Kevin for Best Dad Ever.

Sarah Raymond – Digital Marketing Associate

Sarah joined Perrill in February and has been a valuable addition to the marketing team. She’s begun taking on more responsibility of late and continues to find new ways to help her clients grow.

In-Office Goals

Sarah is hoping to become a pro at using Adobe Analytics this summer so she can pinpoint ways for her clients to improve their marketing efforts.

Out-of-Office Goals

Sarah is hoping to get out on the lakes this summer and specifically wants to successfully waterski on one ski (also known as slalom skiing). Be safe.

Nate Tower - Senior Content Strategist

Nate's been with Perrill since 2014 and has long been the go-to guy for everything content. He is also a former world record holder for running a mile backwards while juggling.

In-Office Goals

Nate's top priorities in the office this summer are to keep his plant alive, consume less Fresca, and continue helping companies push their brands to the next level.

Out-of-Office Goals

Nate's main goal away from the office is ambitious and highly personal: reclaim his world record for running a mile backwards while juggling. Time to start training.

Bring on the Heat

The Perrill team has a wide variety of goals we’re striving to accomplish this summer both in and out of the office, but the most important goal for us is to continue providing the best possible service to our clients. Let’s get to it.

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