The Perrill Team Takes Many Leaps Between Leap Years

Once every four years (except for those pesky century years that aren't divisible by 400), we stick on extra day on the calendar in February and go about our daily lives like it's just another day.

While not much typically happens on leap day itself, a lot happens in four years. Especially on the internet. Think back to February 29th, 2012 for a moment. Mobile traffic barely made a dent in analytics. Google Penguin didn't exist. Responsive web design was considered a trending luxury.

Four years later, the internet is a radically different place. Sure, Google is still the top search engine. Facebook hasn't died yet. And plenty of other things might seem like they haven't changed all that much—unless you take a moment to think about it all.

At Perrill, we've seen a lot of change since the last leap year. And it doesn't take much to see those differences. Here are just a few of the leaps we've made since 2012:

  • We doubled the size of our office and the size of our team
  • We moved from being one of the first web design agencies to recommend responsive design to becoming the champions of responsive web design in Minneapolis
  • We added in-house content writing for our web design clients
  • We continuously refined our processes and our methodology to adapt to the ever-changing technology and trends
  • We added dedicated Project Managers to our team 
  • We re-designed our own website to meet the high standards we hold for every client website

Through all these changes, some things at Perrill have remained the same. We're still committed to delivering high-quality websites that help businesses exceed their goals. We stay on top of the trends and remain a leader in implementing and perfecting web technology. We continue to develop long-term relationships with our web design and marketing clients. 

So where will be on February 29th, 2020? It's tough to say, but we're confident we'll have leapt far beyond where we are now.

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