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The unique challenge

As a global leader in healthcare technology, Apixio needed a website that would align with its tech-driven image while better achieving its goal of turning unusable data into actionable insights for patients.

Apixio’s existing website delivered a poor user experience by failing to effectively educate visitors on the process of its platform and by conveying an image not in line with its objectives or range of capabilities.

  1. 01
    Craft a brand messaging strategy to turn technical language into digestible content
  2. 02
    Identify site goals, KPIs, and user personas
  3. 03
    Design a website to mirror the brand’s tech-driven platform
  4. 04
    Showcase platform process via graphic animations
  5. 05
    Make it easy to request a demo from any page on the site
  6. 06
    Integrate Eloqua and Salesforce
Apixio Collage

Proven Results

The new website positions Apixio as a technology leader in the healthcare space, but it’s the numbers that really express the client’s satisfaction with our digital efforts. Here’s the empirical data:
Increase in YOY web traffic
Increase in YOY page views
Increase in YOY conversion rate

Custom-Crafted Marketing

33.4% increase in web traffic

Web traffic saw a dramatic increase following launch, thanks largely to Perrill’s strategically customized marketing plan that included analytics tracking and reporting, heat mapping, A/B testing, SEO, content marketing, digital advertising, and more.

Apixio -Animated Infographic
Apixio - Display Ad Examples
Apixio Website

Strategy-Driven Content

22.8% increase in page views

Apixio’s new site content engaged with users by leveraging a brand messaging strategy created in the early stages of the project. The primary goal of the messaging was to turn technical language and statistics into an easily digestible display of Apixio’s process. User personas were also developed to pinpoint the goals and habits of the site’s key visitors.

Apixio Website - Mobile

Design That Tells a Story

338% increase in conversion rate

Conversions also saw a rapid spike following launch, as new functionality made it easy to request a demo of the Apixio platform from any page on the site. The new Technology page showcased the platform’s process by featuring five custom graphic animations that were also reworked into a single-panel display on the homepage. Eloqua and Salesforce integrations also served to streamline Apixio’s business processes in the backend.

Apixio Website