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Pnuma Outdoors

The unique challenge

As a leading innovator in hunting gear and apparel, Pnuma Outdoors needed a website that would clearly communicate the impact of its brand while serving as an effective point of contact for customers.

Pnuma didn’t have an existing website when it approached Perrill to create an ecommerce experience that would end up functioning as the sole point of purchase on the web.

  1. 01
    Establish a true point of contact between the brand and its customers
  2. 02
    Concisely communicate the impact and value of the brand and its products
  3. 03
    Drive dramatic increase in sales revenue
  4. 04
    Provide an intuitive and responsive ecommerce experience
  5. 05
    Build engagement through Field Test Reports
  6. 06
    Deliver custom marketing strategy to increase rankings, click-through rates, and sales on an ongoing basis
Pnuma Outdoors - Website Examples

Proven Results

The new Pnuma site establishes the brand as an innovative leader in the hunting space, but it’s the numbers that really express the client’s satisfaction with our digital efforts. Here’s the empirical data:
Increase in YOY revenue
Return on ad spend
Increase in organic traffic
Increase in revenue from email

Leaving Expectations in the Rear-View

40% increase in revenue

One of Pnuma’s primary goals leading up to site-launch was to generate $1.5 million in sales between launch date and year-end. Perrill exceeded that figure by creating a robust and user-friendly ecommerce experience, leveraging the Magento platform alongside visuals and copy that spoke directly to the brand’s values and product features.

Pnuma Outdoors - Product Example

ROAS of Exponential Proportion

592% return on ad spend

Perrill provided digital advertising expertise via search, display, single image ads on Facebook and Instagram, and carousel ads on Facebook, leading to exponential returns across all platforms. Perrill refined Pnuma’s targeting and messaging and aligned efforts across all channels — including email and onsite SEO — to maximize visits and conversions. The strategy prioritized placing Pnuma beside top competitors, developing a community, and improving communication with interested groups, all of which combined to send revenue through the roof.

Pnuma Outdoors - Email Example
Pnuma Outdoors - Email Example

The new face of Pnuma

68% increase in organic traffic

Pnuma also wanted the site to serve as an invaluable point of contact between the brand and both current and potential customers. Perrill made this happen and drastically increased organic traffic following site-launch through optimization of high-intent keyword searches as well as search terms closely tied to competitors.

Pnuma Outdoors - Blog

From the Inbox to the Cart

114% increase in revenue from email

Perrill moved quickly with an aggressive email strategy after site-launch, driving traffic directly from campaigns through the buyer’s journey and into realized revenue. The site’s responsive design made for a seamless mobile experience. In addition to email, Perrill’s custom marketing strategy also included ongoing SEO, product updates, landing pages, digital advertising, and more.

Pnuma Outdoors - Mobile