Web Analytics

Web Analytics

Let’s be honest: When you’re researching Minneapolis web design agencies, a lot of things can look pretty similar from firm to firm. 

Everyone can show you cool-looking sites. Everyone can point to testimonials and success stories. Everyone can bottle their approach in a way that sounds unique. But one area where you can really separate the contenders from the pretenders is web analytics. 

At Perrill, we think web analytics are a lot more than reams of numbers sent to you once a month with no context or explanation (anyone can do that). We think of them as clues to better performance: better marketing, better lead generation, better eCommerce features, better conversion. 

Because we take this approach to analytics, we challenge you to find a web agency with better tools, deeper experience and more passion than Perrill. Here’s the proof:

We’re one of the few digital agencies that knows Adobe Analytics—and are Adobe certified experts in it.

Do you want good data, or the best? Adobe Analytics is the most robust analytics suite in the industry. Whether you’re a large, mid-sized or small business, this tool gives you the most actionable data to continually improve your site’s performance. And you can access this goldmine far less expensively through us than on your own.

We run Google Analytics concurrently with other analytics and tracking services.

While Adobe Analytics is the best-in-class analytics tool on the market, Google Analytics is clearly the most popular—and the one you’re likely most familiar with. (It’s also free, which isn’t a bad thing … ). As a best practice, Perrill generally runs both Google and Adobe Analytics concurrently. This provides checks and balances between the two and safeguards your data collection.

Everything we do is data-driven. Everything.

The only way to win the web is to let the data do the talking. We never make assumptions, and we never change your site for change’s sake. We track everything. We know what’s important and what isn’t. We know how to decipher user behavior. And we know how to continually optimize conversions on your site.

We don’t do data dumps; we translate.

Other agencies might provide a lot of data, but how useful is it if you don’t know what it means? Perrill goes beyond showing you “visits” and “top pages viewed.” Our comprehensive reporting gives you what you ultimately want: a clear picture of your site’s total business ROI.


Adobe Analytics was named a leader in a recent Forrester Web Analytics Wave(TM) report.

Contact Perrill today for the deepest analytics, the best reporting team, and a data-driven approach that drives more business.

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