TKDA has a long history of providing high-quality engineering, architecture, and planning services in a wide range of industries throughout the country. When they needed a modern website that would reflect their updated brand and attract new clients and talent, they turned to Perrill’s web design team. 

Perrill’s designers worked closely with TKDA’s team to create a responsive website that showcased the Minnesota-based company’s many work areas and projects. With a strategic approach to the site’s organization and navigation, Perrill created a clean website that captures the full scale of TKDA’s work. Utilizing TKDA’s fantastic graphic assets, Perrill built a powerful area to showcase hundreds of spectacular projects. The Perrill team also took special care to give the careers section a fresh look to help attract highly-qualified and young talent across TKDA’s many work areas.

Perrill also provided professional content writing services to help craft consistent messaging that reflects TKDA’s brand and voice across all pages of the website. Even with many different departments providing assets, Perrill was able to create a fluid experience that makes the content digestible by TKDA’s online audience. 

The new TKDA website clearly demonstrates the great attention to detail and passion that goes into every TKDA project. 


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