Digital Advertising Minneapolis

Digital Advertising Minneapolis

Digital Advertising is increasingly one of the most effective ways to target your potential customers online. Often referred to as pay-per-click or PPC, digital advertising allows you to reach customers in search results, videos, other websites, and social media platforms. Perfect for building awareness, driving conversions, and building your customer base, digital advertising works in conjunction with your online marketing strategy.

Who Needs Digital Advertising?

With print and other media buys losing ground, digital advertising has become a must for any business looking to grow. By giving you the ability to highly target your potential customers, digital advertising is by far the most effective method of paid advertisement. While all businesses can benefit from a digital advertising strategy, it is especially beneficial for:

  • Increasing qualified leads for B2C or B2B services
  • Generating more online sales for e-commerce websites
  • Driving more customers to your stores or offices
  • Building brand awareness
The Perrill Approach

When we refer to digital advertising, we’re talking about a lot more than pay-per-click ads in Google. Our digital advertising experts create strategies tailored specifically for your business, utilizing the right platforms to generate more leads and revenue. Your custom strategy will focus on reducing your costs and maximizing your return by targeting the right customers with the right ad types.

Our certified digital advertising team can reach potential customers anywhere on the internet with a wide variety of ad options that include:

What Are Search Ads? Target your customers when they are searching for your brand, products, or services. These text-based ads appear at the top of search engines for relevant queries, making potential customers more likely to click through to your site or call you directly.

What Are Display Ads? Reach customers just about anywhere on the internet. These text or image ads can appear on relevant websites to increase brand awareness, or they can be used to remarket to people who’ve already been to your website. With display ads, you have unlimited targeting options and can literally follow your potential customers as they browse the web.

What Are Product Listing Ads? Show your products directly to customers when they are searching. These ads appear at the top of search results and link directly to your products. With product listing ads, you can reach your customer immediately and drastically increase the likelihood of a sale.

What Are Video Ads? Create awareness about your products and services with video ads that appear on YouTube and other websites. With video ads, you can target specific audiences or remarket your products or services directly to customers who’ve been to your site.

What Are Social Media Ads? Reach people where they’re spending most of their time. With ads on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more, you can always be in front of your potential customers. Nearly unlimited targeting options let you focus your budget on the right audience.

Even if a website shows up on the first page of Google's non-paid results, running ads for that keyword in addition to the organic listing can increase total search traffic by up to 96%.


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