How To Keep Your Company Blog Going When You Don't Have Time

So your company has developed a killer blog filled with great content that drives traffic to your website, establishes you as an industry-leading expert, and occasionally even results in a new lead or sale. But there’s one little problem. You simply don’t have time to write any new posts.

What are you supposed to do? You can’t just not update your blog. Then you’ll lose momentum and your visitors will think you’re no longer relevant and you’ll have to go out of business. The last thing you want is for a potential (or existing) customer to visit your blog and see that your last post was from two or three or (gasp!) even four months ago. And you definitely don’t want to post yet another top ten list.

Fear not! Your lack of time and resources doesn’t have to be the downfall of your company. No matter how limited you are on time or manpower, you can still keep that blog going and maintain your brand presence and authority.

Here are five posts your company can utilize when you have little or no time to create new blog posts.

Company News, Events, or Announcements

Writing Time: 15 minutes

Purpose: Show your company is active by showcasing what’s new. Good for potential customers or potential employees with a high interest level in your company.

What It Is: A short write up about something big (or kind of big) that just happened or is about to happen. It could be about an award you won, an honor a team member received, an upcoming event or tradeshow, or a new hire. Keep it short and sweet without bragging too much.

Caution: You don’t want that great blog of industry expertise to turn into a wall of minor company announcements. Your blog will go staler than a Twitter user who posts updates about what he’s eating.


Before and Afters, Case Studies, or Recent Projects

Writing Time: 15 minutes

Purpose: Show off your company’s amazing work. Great for potential customers with a high interest in your company. 

What It Is: A short blurb that details the results of your recent work. Keep it light on text and heavy on images. Explain the problem and how you solved it.  

Caution: Watch out for duplicate content! Don’t throw up a blog post that’s identical to what you just added to your portfolio.  


New Products or Services

Writing Time: 10-15 minutes

Purpose: Tell your potential and existing customers about something new that’s coming. In other words, build some buzz.

What It Is: A short announcement about that amazing new product or service you’ll be offering in the next month or two. Give a brief intro and explain why it’s awesome and how it will change the world. And don’t forget images.

Caution: Don’t promise something you might not end up delivering. This isn’t a place to post about a product you are thinking about creating.


Old Blog Post V2.0

Writing Time: 2-5 minutes

Purpose: Demonstrate your ideas aren’t old and outdated. Anecdotal evidence also suggests that updated blog posts get a nice boost in search results.

What It Is: Take a blog post that’s already on your site, make a couple quick changes that reflect current realities, and publish it with the new date.

Caution: Make sure you are updating the post, not creating a new post that’s basically the same thing. You are literally updating a sentence or two and changing the date of publication. Oh, and don't do this to your top-performing blog post. 


Hire a Content Expert

Writing Time: 0 minutes

Purpose: Get a great piece of content that accomplishes all your goals (increased visibility, brand authority, etc.) without having to write a single word.

What It Is: This is content marketing at its finest. You don’t have to do a thing. Your content expert will create the content for you. A good writer will create a compelling piece of content and make the post fit the voice of your company.

Caution: Get a good writer with a wide range of experience. Don’t try to go cheap here. Sure, there are plenty of people who will give you a blog post for $10, but you won’t want to post any of those on your website.


There you have it. Five ways to keep your blog momentum without investing a lot of time. Of course, most of these are temporary fixes for when you’re in a pinch. Only one of them is a viable option for producing great content that will provide many benefits in the long-term. With the help of a good content expert, you can keep that blog going forever with great reward. 

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