Allegiance Fundraising Group

When three major players in the non-profit fundraising space merged together, they needed a digital expert to transform the new company into a unified brand with an expert web presence. Having worked with Perrill on previous web projects, the newly named Allegiance Fundraising Group knew they didn’t trust anyone else to make this transition happen.

Perrill kicked off the project with a new logo design and a brand messaging strategy that brought all three divisions onto the same page while honing in on the company’s expanded audience. Building from this strategy, the design and development teams worked together to create a responsive website that captures the essence of Allegiance’s mission while making it easy for users to find the right solutions. Interactive scrolling captures the target audience and helps users sort through Allegiance’s wide range of services. With seamless video capabilities, a demo request feature, and a client login section, this website delivers everything Allegiance’s current and potential customers need.

Allegiance Fundraising Group has a new name and a new look, but that doesn’t change their 35+ year track record of success. With their brand new website, they’ll remain on that track for years to come.

Allegiance Fundraising Group

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