Building Controls Group

Building Controls Group provides products and expertise to help its customers’ facilities make the most of today’s technology-driven era. From energy and monitoring to security and retrofit, the team at BCG supports businesses’ ambition to keep moving forward.

To go along with this philosophy, BCG turned to Perrill to create a website that matched its modern, driven culture. The process began with a new brand messaging strategy that more effectively and concisely honed the way BCG speaks to customers and illustrates its value. This led to original content that tied into the web design and development process – both of which served to create a compelling and cutting-edge experience for all who visit the site. Utilizing Magento 2 to craft an organized and easy-to-use ecommerce platform, Perrill’s development team made it easier than ever for BCG’s customers to find the products they need and complete a purchase. The site’s dual purpose of education and sales provides users with a complete experience in finding their building support solutions.

Building Controls Group’s brand new website has accelerated its brand presence to align with its ambitions. Take a look at the site to see all the ways BCG can help your building operate at its maximum potential.

Building Controls Group

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