First Western Bank & Trust

First Western Bank & Trust has been serving local community banking needs since 1964. With recent expansion and changes in technology, First Western needed a new website to introduce the bank to new customers and instill confidence in consumers. To get the job done, they turned to Perrill’s design, development, and security experts.

Perrill designed an exciting and user-friendly responsive website that makes banking appealing for all demographics. Hosted on a .bank domain, the First Western website is ahead of the class in an industry that’s saturated with banking options. The website is fully equipped for all modern banking needs, including a branch and ATM finder, loan calculators, current rates, and much more. Seamlessly integrated with First Western’s online banking system, trust service, and 401K program, the new website serves as a portal for almost every financial need.

First Western is growing rapidly because of its modern appeal and commitment to innovation. With their brand new responsive website, they are positioned to become one of the region’s leaders in banking solutions.

First Western Bank & Trust

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