As a new brand in the competitive hunting apparel industry, Pnuma is built on innovative principles that challenge every industry standard. To showcase their bold mission, they needed more than a simple ecommerce site. They needed the most powerful ecommerce solution combined with a design that captured every detail of their garments and innovation. To accomplish these goals and help position the brand at the top of the industry, they turned to Perrill’s Magento experts. 

Perrill’s designers and developers worked closely with Pnuma’s team to create an ecommerce experience that inspires customers to buy. With a focus on the brand’s beautiful graphic assets, the website truly brings a personal shopping experience to any device. A powerful zoom feature lets customers almost feel the fibers and details of every garment. The fluid category and product pages make it easy for customers to find what they want and add multiple items to their carts without having to navigate through many common ecommerce obstacles on their way to purchase. 

Equipped to handle even the most complex sales and promotions, the Pnuma website is an example of the future of ecommerce. Pnuma stands behind its products with a lifetime guarantee, and their website makes it clear why. 



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