First Scribe is now Perrill. Minnesota’s first digital agency just got more dangerous.

First Scribe is now Perrill. Minnesota’s first digital agency just got more dangerous.

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What’s in a Name?

Every company name has some type of origin story. The name 1st Scribe came from two simple ideas:

  1. Before Google was even a thing, Yahoo! dominated. Yahoo! started as a directory featuring a Linux alphanumeric sort, meaning numbers came first. Naturally, 1st Scribe showed up at the top of the category for web design.
  2. Historically, scribes were highly educated keepers of the word who recorded major events of the day.

As directories evolved into search engines, 1st Scribe became First Scribe and expanded our services to digital marketing. Twenty-six years after the founding of the company, the name First Scribe is no longer big enough to tell our story. Today, we are re-branding as Perrill, a name that exemplifies our commitment to drive business success. 

An Elite Agency

The onset of the internet leveled the playing field, at least for a short while. Today’s digital landscape is much more competitive and more costly. If you invest in the right strategies, you can achieve exponential business growth. Perrill helps you navigate these challenges by listening to your needs, recommending the right solutions, and delivering measurable results. 

In a world filled with digital opportunity, Perrill delivers fast and sustainable success. What started as Minnesota’s first web design agency is now a full-service digital consultancy with the talent and technology to solve your toughest business challenges and develop sustainable strategies that help you dominate your industry.

We are Perrill, the most dangerous digital agency in the world. 

Written by

Nate Tower

Nate Tower is the President of Perrill and has over 12 years of marketing and sales experience. During his career in digital marketing, Nate has demonstrated exceptional skills in strategic planning, creative ideation and execution. Nate's academic background includes a B.A. with a double major in English Language and Literature, Secondary Education, and a minor in Creative Writing from Washington University. He further expanded his expertise by completing the MBA Essentials program at Carlson Executive Education, University of Minnesota.

Nate holds multiple certifications from HubSpot and Google including Sales Hub Enterprise Implementation, Google Analytics for Power Users and Google Analytics 4. His unique blend of creative and analytical skills positions him as a leader in both the marketing and creative worlds. This, coupled with his passion for learning and educating, lends him the ability to make the complex accessible and the perplexing clear.


Nate Tower

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Jul 25, 2019