Bing Predicts Gets 3 out of 4 in Wildcard Weekend, Predicts Patriots to Win It All

Bing Predicts will not repeat the perfection it achieved during the World Cup knockout stage. Predicting the home team to win all 4 games during NFL Wildcard Weekend, the search engine came out with 3 wins and 1 loss.

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Bing Predicts Wildcard Weekend Recap

After going 169-87 on the regular season, Bing appeared to take the same strategies into the playoffs. The prediction engine opted to go with home field advantage for all 4 Wildcard games, a risky strategy given the 55% historical winning percentage of the home team. However, the risk paid off for Bing. The home team won 3 of 4 games, with only the Steelers losing on their own turf.

Interestingly enough, Bing's most confident game was the only one it missed. The search engine gave the Steelers a 71.6% chance of winning, a confidence level that proved very successful for Bing all season. However, the Ravens won against those odds, preventing Bing from nailing the NFL playoffs like it did the World Cup.

Of course, the weekend was not without controversy. Bing may have been saved by an overturned pass interference call in the Lions-Cowboys games. With the Lions up by a field goal and driving down the field as time ticked away in the fourth quarter, a pass interference call looked to keep the Lions drive alive. However, the penalty was taken away after being announced. This gave the Cowboys life, and they took advantage. Romo skillfully led the team into the endzone, leaving the Lions with only a couple minutes to return the favor. They didn't, and Dallas prevailed. Would the Lions won had the pass interference call stuck? Maybe. Probably. But that's not what happened, so Bing got it right. Either way, this demonstrates why each team has a chance to win the game. Things happen, and the teams that take advantage are the ones that end up on top.

Bing Predicts Divisional Weekend Preview

Bing didn't waste any time updating its picks for the upcoming Divisional Weekend. Once again, Bing is picking the home team in each of the four games. Here's a look at what Bing thinks will happen this weekend:

playoffs week 2

Bing looks very confident about this week, with 3 of the 4 games at a 70% chance or higher. During the regular season, Bing was correct in 77% of games with such a high confidence level. The only game Bing seems iffy about is the Packers-Cowboys matchup. This makes sense given that the Cowboys are 8-0 on the road so far this season. They certainly have a chance in Green Bay.

Bing Says Patriots Will Win It All

Prior to the first round of playoff games, Bing released picks for the entirety of the playoffs. The search engine didn't really go out on a limb in any of the games, siding with the home team across the board. However, Bing has made a major change to its predictions after Wildcard Weekend.

After previously giving the Seahawks a 71% chance of beating the Packers in the Conference Championship game, the prediction engine is now giving the Packers a slight edge. It's unclear what exactly has caused such a drastic swing, especially since neither team played last week. Is this Bing's use of social signals? Are Packers fans dominating Seahawks fans on Facebook and Twitter? We'll have to see what Bing says after the two teams actually play this weekend. Here's the updated look at the rest of the playoffs:

week 3 and beyond

Yes, Bing is still giving the Patriots the edge with a 51.5% chance. Apparently it doesn't matter if they play the Seahawks or the Packers. The odds of the Patriots winning remains the same.

How will Bing do in this week's playoff games? I can't really argue with any of the search engine's picks. Bing has a 74% chance of getting at least 3 of the games right, but I suspect the search engine will go 4-0.

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  1. The NFL Divisional Playoffs unquestionably concentrate the mind, still there’s the glorious uncertainty of human contact sport. That said, I suspect you’re right – three games correctly predicted, and probably four.

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