Google Glass and Augmented Reality

Google Glass

In 2007 a revolutionary product was introduced that changed the way people live their daily lives. I'm talking about the original iPhone, a product that moved computing away from traditional computers and put the web at people's fingertips. The smartphone has had a big impact on the way people live. Not only can people do much of their work from almost anywhere but can also share experiences (such as videos and photos) with a nearly infinite audience with the push of a button through social media. Nearly anything that is available on the internet is available on a smartphone, you simply need to do a quick search. Mobile websites have become a big part of our business and the share of website traffic coming from mobile devices increases daily. That could soon shift again. Google will soon be releasing a new product that may take this human/computer interaction one step further, Google Glass.

Google Glass provides an "augmented realty" experience that takes information at your fingertips one step further. Now rather than pulling out a smartphone and tapping away you can simply look at something and relevant information will scramble onto to the screen. Translating what you are saying into another language, getting directions, and "online" communication with people now won't require you to stop what you are doing and type... rather text commands and gestures will provide all the information needed, almost without thinking about it. The possibilites are nearly endless.

Technology is blurring the line between our physical and digital lives and products like Google Glass are erasing those boundaries even faster. Augmented reality is still in it's infant stages and it will remain to be seen if this is the "next big thing" or simply a bump in the road.

If you want to get a pair for yourself Google is currently running a contest. What would you do with a pair?

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