For over two decades, AdvancedTek has provided businesses with the most innovative emerging technologies in the printing industry. When they needed a new website to bring their technology to more customers, they turned to Perrill’s design and development team. 

Perrill created a responsive website that brings AdvancedTek’s technology to life. Expertly equipped to handle lead generation for printer demos and eCommerce for printer supplies, the website plays a key part in reaching AdvancedTek’s business goals. With an intuitive navigation that allows customers to quickly find the products best suited for their business needs, the website makes it easy to shop for a 3D printer or other printing technology. The supply store, online support center, event calendar,  TekCenter gallery, and online application allow all AdvancedTek’s visitors to do everything they need without leaving the site.

AdvancedTek is a leading provider of some of the world’s leading technologies. Thanks to Perrill’s web design team, their website now shows why they’re at the top of the tech world. 


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